How we work

How our unique sound experiences are born

How we work

As a business with a musical heart and a human touch, our aim is to conceive superior quality sound experiences, evocative enough to express the personality and intention of a brand or project with purpose, power and feeling.

How we do it


A people-first music hub

The consulting and creative heart of Beat Identity is composed by a team of music experts who band together with key professionals from the fields of communication and marketing, providing real know-how and guidance to creating the best sound experience for our clients.

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An exclusively curated catalog

As Beat Identity we have complete ownership of every musical work we produce. We therefore avoid the bureaucracy and expenses of intermediary passages associated with copyright collecting agencies, enabling us to curate convenient but unique sound solutions, also elevating the individual artistic talent and intellectual property rights present in all of our musical creations.

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Music made by us for you

The music Beat Identity proposes is conceived to reflect the mood of our clients’ brands and projects. The tracks can be either custom-made to suit specific requests or selected among the existing ones on our owned catalog to create personalized playlists. This gives us the possibility to seek out and offer tailored professionalism, while guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality musical products with superior creative value.

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Pieces that play beyond

The creation of the perfect sound or the selection of music from our catalog, grants the chance to “play-your-purchase” wherever and whenever is required. Partnering with Beat Identity therefore means you can build an economically-optimized, coherent and seamless sound experience for your audiences on all brand channels – both offline and online – and at all times.

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The possibility of endless quality

The international portfolio of professionals at Beat Identity ranges from world-renowned musicians, producers, performers and sidemen to fresh emerging talents. This allows us to research the expression most attuned to your brand’s essence or project, interpreting even the most specific of requests through a made-to-measure vision every time.

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A curated sound consultancy from a to z

In-store Music

The playlists we can create by researching our owned catalog are built to reflect brand values, delivering a personal-sounding and memorable customer engagement experience.

Omnichannel Sound

Tracks purchased on Beat Identity’s catalog can be used by clients on any online or offline brand channel. A cost-effective solution for them and a consistent brand experience for their public.

Owned Catalog

The music productions in our catalog are commissioned by us. As full owners of all the tracks, we skip third-party costs, therefore offering our clients highly original and very convenient solutions.

Custom-made Music

At Beat Identity we also conceive musical content to meet specific brand or project requests: the tracks clients commission us with are crafted exclusively for them.